From Our Rector

The following was a letter to the Editor of the Register Guard:

To the person who left a message for God on the front of our church sign

Dear Person, from your message I see you have some big feelings about God.  Our church is exactly the right place to explore feelings about God—big, little, anger, sorrow, questions, and the whole range of human emotions. We think our sacred stories from the Bible, particularly the psalms, encourage sharing how we feel about God with each other and with God.  I’d be glad to give you a copy of the psalms if you’d like.

I do ask you not to spray paint your thoughts and feelings on our sign though.  It makes it hard to read the sign and some find your language choices to be offensive.  As followers of Jesus, we try to avoid this language although we aren’t always to be successful.  One of our values is civil discourse when we talk with each other about God and even politics. We try to tell the truth and be respectful.  It’s a challenge and worth doing.

Come and talk if you’d like, Blessings, the Reverend Nancy Gallagher

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